When I ask Jesus I get answers, but seldom the answer I accept. The weird thing that those answers were never accepted by me before. They were all too abstract and inexplicit for me to perceive as something I should pay attention to. Today I listen. Meeting Him is always meeting light itself even if the darkest darkness I revealed. Only He can create something new and see jewels in bedded deep within us.

What I encounter is totally new to me. I can’t fully describe it, but I will try so that you dare to hear Him the way He chooses to appear to you. Be teams down walls within me och calms storms. He builds and I assist with timber. He removes the damages, the dark and repairs with His pierced hands and it becomes new. He works, I admire. I don’t hear Him talking to me, but it is like I get a multitude dimension not seen and heard but seen and heard encounter with Truth. He opens up the Bible to me and explains the abstract so I can see and understand. 

”Every interaction with people challenge because you experience something together but at the same time you don’t. You hear the words but at the same time you hear it differently. You feel, but you don’t have the same feeling. You are both involved, but you are differently affected of what takes place. What you lack is for you a gift not to have, but it is not an easy gift to have been given. With it a lot of darkness has pushed its way into you soul. I want to teach you how to live with what you have been given, but for that you will need a lot of courage. I have lifted out the darkness, but not what I originally gave you. Live with it. Do not be afraid. I am with you. 

In every conflict I am present. Sometimes and together you will be victorious. Sometimes you will loose big. Only I will know the reason for that. You will seldom get an answer from me, but I will lead you all forward. Sometimes I can heal what has been broken and you ca all see it, other times I will have to let you go different ways forward. There are times you cannot hear one another, you carry to many other burdens to be able to see anyone but yourselves. Always forgive your adversary and always forgive yourself. In forgiveness is redemption. Dare to trust me even when I close a door. I know all reasons, all thoughts, all motives and I am the Lord your healer. I wish you had the courage to leave everything you do not understand to me. Always listen to your adversary and try to revive what is said to you even if it hurts. I am always listening to you and hear everything together with you. Is your opponent quite, let silence reign. I am in the silence. 

You would never question my loyalty to you if you understood what I had accomplished for you. It’s possible you might never come to know if the real conflict actually was more yours than theirs to solve. Your counterpart might not ever know either. Remember that you are closest to me when you do not know and when confusion hits you. You cannot see into someone else. Only I can. Confusion is a sight of truth. 

Of you could grasp the whole truth about what I have done for all of you, you would never question my loyalty to you. But you might not ever know if the conflict was most your own than  theirs to solve and they might not know it either. Remember – when you are not sure, when confusion hits you you are the closest to me. You cannot see into someone else. Only I can. Confusion is a sign of truth. 

You will encounter confusion more than others, my hope is in you will letting me turn it around to everything I meant it to be. You say you are to old. I say you have gone from death to life.”

Lotta Bynert Written by:

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