For God so loved the world…

Love. A term we so often use. We use it saying we love ice cream as well as we love our pet or our child. There is no stronger word than love and no word so miss treated. 

Love is the very character of God and of creation. This world is made in love and carried by love. Love cannot be learned or done. Love comes from within us. When Jesus said ”For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false witness, slander” he could likewise have said “For out of the heart comes love”. Being born again replaces the heart of stone to a heart that pushes forth love. The fight inside us is everything within us not used to this new heart. Just as a body rejects a healthy heart that has surgically replaced a damaged one our thoughts and our body tries to reject the new heart God has placed within us. But there is a difference – this new heart will not be rejected. It is stronger than our mind and our body. It’s our thinking that needs to be renewed so that love can be flow freely. I didn’t have the ability to love someone else until I realized that God so loved the world and I didn’t have the ability to love myself until I understood that I was a person in this world he so loved. 

When the time was right God sent his son, not to judge but to save us. Let him do that.

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