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It seems like humans have an unseen filter protecting them. Some have a stronger filter than others. Something similar to the ozone layer the protects the earth or the cell membrane. This filter seems to automatically sift out impressions trying to come in and go out of the brain.

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When a person gets tired, stressed or exhausted this filter gets diminished. The result is a withdrawal, a need for silence and alone time. The ability to process information as before is reduced, it’s easy that to much is told that otherwise should not have been told, things that usually doesn’t irritate irritates, the ability to handle stress as well as the sensitivity to light and physical contact is elevated.

If the person in that situation takes the time to rest the ability to sift impressions returns. When that happens trips to malls and supermarket doesn’t drain away energy anymore leaving the body, soul and spirit completely empty. Studies of the ozone layer has shown a similar ability to recover. 

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The filter I have that should protect me is almost non existing. Most things that should have stayed outside me comes in and the things that should have stayed within me comes out. Since I have begun to notice this I have come to understand the reactions that has been a part of life as long as I can remember. My only defense has been to mentally create a fictional world to escape to. What I have failed to do is to remain in two world simultaneously. Of course this is made visible in interactions with other people. Probably people around me notice how stressed and fragmented I become when I can’t keep together many impressions relating to the same event.

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