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It’s all about trust

Posted in Neurodiversity, and The way, the truth and the life

The question isn’t if science, facts or instinct are right and wrong. The question is if we trust what is presented to us. How you interpret facts, history, science reports, instinct, everything is based on trust. Is it trustworthy? What do you trust the most in – scientific data or your gut instinct? Both can show themselves both right and wrong. Our minds relate and rely on different systems. 

It’s all about trust. 

Everyday I walk roads that have made side tracks. Often I start on one of the sidetracks to see where it leads. It often starts out like a beautiful road, but ends in a field or just ends in the middle of the woods. It looks like it leads somewhere, but in reality it doesn’t. Sometimes I make the assumption that a road that is not so inviting leads nowhere so I don’t even explore it. If I did it might lead me to magnificent places…

A very special day, well remembered as my mom had left to be with my sisters daughter the day her siblings were born. My father and I sat by the phone with a cup of coffee waiting for news. My son was sleeping in my lap and we talked about faith. At first glance it seemed as my father and I were very far apart in our thinking, but in fact we just had different perspectives. Our minds relied on different systems. 

I have always searched for truth in a person – my creator – and I have had a strong desire to know who he is apart from what I have wanted him to be. It’s like I have known that if I get to know who he is I will know all the truth there is to know. He is the evidence of facts I need. Doing so I have tested Buddhism, The way and the power (Tao te Ching) and different faith systems within the Christian churches. With tested I refer to being wholeheartedly involved in. My quest – to find him. When he found me decades of testing continued. The gospel of Jesus Christ can reveal all different kinds of gods depending in what gospel. Paul talked about this in his letter to the community living in Galatia. 

As I was search for the truth through evidence based on a personal relationship with God, my 

father, on the other hand, searched for the truth through evidence based on scientifically proven facts. We both search wholeheartedly for truth but in different ways. 

Talking with friends about trusting people I came to realize that we had different criteria’s for trust. A woman described trust in not passing forward something told in confidence. If a person did that that person was not trustworthy. In Sweden we have laws that are based on this statement. For me this has nothing to do with me trusting someone or not. Trust for me is not someone forgetting not to pass something forward that I have said, trust depends on if a person stands by me in tough times, believes in and for me when I fail. Everyone can be a good person in times of prosperity, the truth about a person is first revealed in times of destress and turmoil. That person is, in my perspective, trustworthy. That person is not confusing.

Obviously our minds need different kinds of evidence to trust someone or something. I have put my trust in God because all evidence I find directs me to him. Throughout the years he has proven to me his trustworthiness. For me that trust is based on who he is and what he has done for us, for me. I have had a hard time trusting him due to so many interpretations that are available to us about who he is. In that state of mind what happens is that I and everything around me seams to dissolve into small pieces resulting in severe anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and panic. When I dare to trust what he reveals about himself in his word everything calmed down and the difficulties I have with autism and ADD, the root to stress and burnout syndrome in my life, becomes more manageable. In his word he clearly states he has everything in control and he has already done all that is necessary for me to live with freedom in both soul and spirit. 

It’s all about trust.

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