Letting go

Every one of us has to make priorities and to do that is hard. In addition to the common difficulties of making right choices I lack the ability to be able to see the outcome of making that choice or not making it. Even if I make lists of pros and cons I still can’t see. Some of the things around me I have been able to let go of. Some of the things I haven’t found the power to let go of. To make a visual picture has helped me to see that if I let go of something I give someone else the opportunity to take over. Usually I have noticed that the person taking over was the right one for the job not I. 

Letting go of something, to empty yourself of that, to give up control over a situation, to admit limitations I have found to be very painful. It leaves an emptiness and the experience of loss that might not be replaceable right away. I have noticed that I’ve been able to let go, but I have replaced to quickly. I haven’t taken the time to heal. Maybe this is one of the weaknesses of our time – we quickly find solutions without them having the ability to show forth lasting results.

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