Neurological storm 1

When everything shuts down I here all things as from a distance. Sometimes this makes me speak out of control other times my husband notices I start loosing words. My body is itching. My senses and ability to grasp impressions around me shuts down. All of me screamed STOP! I just want to cover up myself and not talk. Some can have outbursts, scream and through things around them. The same cause but different reactions.

Often I have the strength to pull myself together until I reach my haven, my home. Sometimes I cannot. If someone sees me react this way it usually create stress within them as well. This is something I am painfully aware of. The best thing thing to do is to relax and just be still with me in this moment and stay calm. 

Meltdown, shutdown, sensory overload are other words for the expression neurological storm Hans Asperger called it. 

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