Pieces of writing

”To recover me”

was done spring 2020. In the Region of Jönköping there are ongoing project driven by the 13 municipality’s within the region. One of them is “A recovery-oriented psychiatry” focusing on co-production between workplaces and people that have recovered from mental illness.

Today I am a part of a group that meet on regular basis. We have all gone trough times of deep struggle with mental issues, but have recovered. Within the region we assist with our stories in different areas of psychiatry. Often this is done in small groups or by lecturers. For me writing and illustrating is a more natural way of communicating. Even others enjoy this way and therefor we have made a small series of booklets under the main title “To recover me” and subtitles that are unique for each one of us. These booklets can be used for inspirational and educational purposes. You can read from the pdf below. Do you want a larger pdf please contact me.

Download ”To recover me – Lotta”