The answer lies in the eye of the beholder

I have always perceived that I know what the truth is in situations where I am the main character. Lately I have come to realize that truth rarely matter. The truth that becomes is often not what I have written or spoken but what someone else wants it to. The higher authority the person has the more interpretative prerogative follows that person. 

The other day, as I was taking my morning stroll with my dog a new perspective opened up to me.  Ones again there was no one there and I didn’t hear anything, but is was a experience of everything being whole. It was nothing I could have come up with myself and it was filled with great mercy and grace, no condemnation just a pure wisdom. It was like the words from the Bible I so many times have read melted together into something that came alive.

”I see what you see. I understand everything you experience in every moment of your life. Tell me about the things you have seen and been a part of, what you see and encounter now because I have both been with you and am with you and I have seen everything. I have never let you out of my sight.

What you see is not everything, but it is what you see. In all things you have been a part of you have a say, what you have seen and experienced is of equal value to everyone else’s. I’ve seen you chosen not to participate because you thing I or others don’t want you there. I’ve seen the person you try to become. The one you try to create does not exist, but you do. When you are not there everyone looses. 

I am the beholder. I am the observer. Everything is created by me. I’m the only one who sees everything and knows how everything is connected.

I wish you would choose to spend your life together with me. I have already made my choice. I chose you before you were born. I am longing for you to choose to let me be more than an observer into your life. I want to be your closest friend and companion. I want to hold you when you mourn and rejoice with you when life is at its best. 

Be brave. Turn around. Let my light shine into all your darkness. Live your life together with me. Do everything together with me. Look back at all you have been a part of in my company. Share everything with me. Tell me so I can give you answers to your questions. I have all the answers and I have taken up residence within you. I am your hope. I have already given you everything you need. You have my word, my promise that I will never let you go. I am He who chose to die in your place so your life with me would be restored to what it was meant to be. I never created you to walk without me. You can’t live your life without me and I’ve always known that. Let me show you the way.”

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