”This is the way, walk in it.”

I had a plan, but that was yesterday. I was shown another way and I started to walk it. One step at a time.

God wanted to reach my heart. He want to reach everyone’s heart. When a child is born that child carries eternity in it’s heart, a longing to be whole. No one is born intact. Everyone is searching for wholeness. All our life we choose and reject. God has kept His word for us so we can read about Him and understand His plans. God has put together life around us so we can see what life and death is all about. We see it in nature, in people and in things we have. Everything deteriorates. He has created our life so we see Him and his creation face to face the whole time. God is in perfect peace and knows who has the final word. 

Still, in the midst of His sovereignty, He has chosen not to control our will by forcing us to choose Him. We can all wonder why, but He did it for a reason. Maybe you and I as being created by Him will not get the answer for everything, but everything that is necessary He will provide answers for. The apostles in the New Testament was shown different things. The gospel and the letters confirm that. All the writers in the Bible experienced different things about Him so we can get to know what is of Him and what is not. We are all different and we have different needs. Some of us needs stories, others experiences and some pictures. He never separates Himself from His word, but He is always moving together with us to reach us.

I didn’t hear a voice, but I hear. I didn’t see anything, but I see. I just know it is Him.

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